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Toltz Lawyers provide sound, practical advice for employers, contractors and employees on Employment Law and Industrial Relations, particularly on issues such as the application of Awards, drafting and vetting of employment contracts, termination, redundancy and retrenchment, restructuring issues, issues relating to transmission of business, restraint of trade, confidentiality and associated intellectual property rights.


A business may also require an Enterprise Agreement or a Certified Agreement for ease of fixing terms and conditions of employment, or conversely an individual contract may need to be drafted. As well as that some small businesses may need assistance in drafting some policies and procedures in order to ensure compliance to certain external bodies. Toltz Lawyers can assist in drafting all these documents.  


Additionally restructuring of Businesses too can often involve unforeseen complications and financial obligations.


Other complications can often occur when a business is bought or sold as regards what to do about staff who will not be required by the purchasing company or in respect of the staff who will be taken on board. Associated with such issues can be contingency payments on account of Awards, Unfair Contracts review, Termination and Unfair Dismissal, Redundancy, Annual leave and Long Service Leave obligations that may or may not be owed.


Toltz Lawyers can assist in unravelling all these complicated matters to ensure that you are not left with any residual obligations that may remain.



Employment Law

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